Hello! I’m Isaac Alder, a beginner author working on publishing my first novel. With reading I prefer the fiction genre, especially historical fiction, with a weak spot for a Gothic or dark Victorian tale. I tend to enjoy the fantastical more than fantasy, if that makes sense. I love reading and reviewing works by other indie authors, so if you have something you think I’d like, let me know!

I have similar genre tastes when it comes to my writing. However, my novels are an “alternate-historical” fiction, which is a pretty significant difference. All of the novels I write take place in the same alternate history universe. I should say I don’t consider them to be steampunk or fantasy (which is where most alternate-histories tend to land); in fact, the history is not hugely different from ours. As time goes on I will use this blog to expand that history and give some background, so keep your eyes open!


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